Petulu - Center of White Heron/Crane Habitat

This unique village is a white heron bird which is very much along the village road, especially at dusk Kokokan myriad birds. Because in the afternoon bird's return from foraging elsewhere. In trees, the home page and the villagers are rice this crane. Balinese people call that bird is kokokan. Surprisingly, the bird is only found in Kokokan Petulu village alone. Being outside the village no birds like this, even if there are very few in number. this is evident when I came out from the border village of Petulu, none of this bird I met in the street. as well as when I want to go to the border village of Petulu, I did not encounter this bird. according to the story, this village gets first disaster.

Ubud Market - Traditional Balinese Art Market

How to find Ubud Art Market?
It is simple way & basically to find Ubud Market since it is famous among the Balinese & it is strategically located in the midst of Ubud Village. This market is located in the front of Ubud Palace with crowded of visitor who purchases the items every day. This market is close to other places of interest in Ubud like Ubud Palace, Ubud Monkey Forest , Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Painting Museum & Gua Gajah. You can also join the Ubud Tour Package or other tour arrangements like Elephant Ubud Tour, Rafting Ubud Tour , Elephant Safari Ubud Tour & Ayung Rafting Ubud Tour .